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For whom?

For parents

Kompanjon offers study support at home. As a family with children and young teenagers struggling at school and growing up in a vulnerable home environment, you can turn to us for support. You will form a duo with a student who comes at your house. As a parent, you can contact Kompanjon if you belong to the target group and if you are living in Groot-Gent, Deurne-Noord, ‘t Kiel or Luchtbal (Antwerp).

The time is 04:24:25amThe time is 04:24:25am

The target group

When selecting families, we use the poverty indicators of Kind en Gezin. This means that the selected families rank poorly in at least three out of following areas: monthly income, parents’ education level, parents’ employment situation, stimulation level, accommodation,  and health. In addition, the following conditions apply:

  • The family lives in Groot-Gent or in the Antwerp districts of Luchtbal, Deurne-Noord or ´t Kiel.
  • The child is in the third year of kindergarten, in primary school or in the first grade of secondary school.
  • The child attends regular school or the basic range of special education or is a former OKAN pupil or a former non-native newcomer (GAN). 
  • The request for help is wider than a request for homework support (such as language and reading stimulation, learning to learn, leisure activities, well-being, and parenting support).
  • The parents agree to the home support

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Together: parent & student & coach

For a period of three months, a student visits your home. As a parent, you make mutual arrangements with the student. He or she helps with homework and school skills: stimulating language, reading pleasure, learning to learn. Additionally, Kompanjon pays attention to recreation, well-being, interests and talents.
We involve you as a parent in the support activities. For example, we give lots of explanation and information, work together on structure and planning, listen to possible requests for help. If necessary, we accompany you during parent-teacher conferences or care consultations or seek specialized help.
The student studies at a college or university and works for Kompanjon as part of an internship or practical subject. Due to the cooperation with higher education, we provide two starting moments for (new) families: late September and mid-February.
The Kompanjon coach makes regular house calls and keeps in touch with your family. Throughout the program, the coach acts as a counselor for you and the student. After three months, the program is discussed between you and the coach, and it is decided if the home support is extended or wrapped up. The support of Kompanjon is for free of charge.

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How does the Kompanjon coach help?

  • Get to know Kompanjon’s coaches here
  • The coach works at Kompanjon and is your contact once you are enrolled
  • She will visit you at home and listen to your questions and concerns.
  • After that conversation, the coach evaluates whether a student can come along to help your child(ren) for 3 months.
  • The coach is in close contact with you and the student. After consultation with you, she will look for collaborations with people who can assist you and your child(ren) (from the school or external care providers).
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Kompanjon has really improved our daughter’s confidence and motivation. As your child grows, you grow as a parent.

- een ouder

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How does the student from Kompanjon help?

  • The student helps with homework, math and language. But there is much more! The student and your child(ren) can play together, read a book, visit the library or toy library, go to the park or find a fun hobby.
  • Also as a parent, you can learn together, play along and go out.
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